About us

About us

We are Yvo Paagman (1963) and Dorith Paagman-Sanders (1965). For years cherished the desire to live in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Beautiful weather, delicious food and drink, being outside a lot and living and working in a different culture and nature. Of course we are not unique in wanting that, but we actually did it! When our daughter and son flew out, it was a good timing for a new adventure. We did an extensive search in both southern France and Italy. Finally we fell in love with the South of Le Marche and this estate. This is where we want to be!

Given our education background (business administration and hotel management) and the possibilities on site, we chose to set up an Agriturismo. A combination of a farm, in our case with olive groves, and offering accommodation for tourists. With our own vacation and camping experience as a basis, we made the plans for furnishing the apartments and our own version of “Glamping”. Fully equipped Luxury Tents with a private bathroom and outdoor kitchen.

The start of Unico Senso

After the sale of our successful wine company (import & shop) in Breukelen (The Netherlands), we moved to Montottone in September 2016. Then 500 young olive trees were planted, a swimming pool was built, a large veranda was built at the apartments and the private outdoor kitchens and bathrooms for the Luxury Tents were ready. Finally after more than 9 months of hard work, with several windfalls and setbacks, we did welcome our first guests in July 2017. We were very proud of and pleased with the first enthusiastic reviews from our guests!

The past years have been dominated by the further development and maintenance of the buildings, facilities and our 8 ha. of farmland. We realized an additional apartment, a large new barn, a garage and the further restoration of the old farm house. In addition, we have planted another 350 young olive trees, so that our olive groves now consist of a total of more than 850 trees.

At this moment

We have found our way and fully enjoy our adventure and our life here. The biggest challenge was and will be that everything here is different than expected. The people in the region are extremely friendly and our Italian language skills are getting better and better. We are happy to welcome guests, continue developing the Agriturismo and share this unique place. Benvenuti à Unico Senso!

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